Top 10 Major Coffee Producing Countries in The World

Coffee is one among the leading commodities in the world, as you can see countless cafes on every nook and corner of the world. Next to water and tea, coffee is considered the third most consumed drink in the world, and the demand for coffee beans is high everywhere. It is also the second most traded commodity in the world next to oil. In spite of the diverse flavors, there are two major commercially cultivated coffee beans, such as the Arabica and the Robusta. While the Arabica bean accounts for 70% of coffee, Robusta is considered the cheaper and easier to cultivate coffee bean.

Here are the countries that are named as the leading producers of coffee beans in the world by the International Coffee Organization.  Some of the stats were also put together by lawn care experts


Brazil is considered the leading producer of coffee beans in the world with the massive production of 2,859,502 US tons per year. It is also the leading exporter of coffee in the world for the past 150 years. This is because about 27,000 square kilometers of the agricultural area of Brazil have been occupied by the coffee plantation, among which most of the areas are situated in the three southeastern states of the country, such as Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, and Parana. This is because these three states have the ideal temperature and climate for the coffee production. Brazil is also the unique producer of coffee because, here, the coffee seeds are dehydrated in the sun, instead of washed in a soaked process.


Vietnam is considered the second largest producer of coffee in the world with the production of 1,818,811 US tons of coffee per year. Although the country occupies the second place, Vietnamese coffee is considered the yummiest drink in the world when compared to that of Brazil. This is because, here, the coffee is blended with the sweetened strong milk, and it remains a massive part of the Vietnamese economy.


Although Colombia is considered the leading producer of coffee next to Brazil and Vietnam, the Colombian coffee is the most sought after beverage in the world. This is because the commodity has been the most popular advertised product by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia that featured a character, known as Juan Valdez. The country remains one of the major players in the global coffee game with the production of 892,871 US tons of coffee per year.


Although Indonesian coffee has not occupied a major position in the global coffee production, the country is celebrated for its quality coffee with the production of 814,629 US tons of coffee beans per year. The country is famous for the high-quality coffee, as its geological location makes the country to produce quality coffee beans in the world. The country is located close to the equator and features abundant mountainous areas that allow the country to produce high-quality coffee. Indonesia is the fourth major producer of coffee beans in the world.


Even though Ethiopia is the fifth major producer of coffee in the world with the production rate of 423,287 US tons per year, it is the geographic abode of the most admired coffee bean in the world, known as Arabica coffee, which has a unique name and taste when compared to the coffee beans produced by other leading countries. Some of the trademark names of the Arabica coffee produced by the country include the Harar, Sidamo, Limu, and Yirgacheffe.

Some of the other leading producers of coffee in the world include India with 385,786 US tons, Honduras with 380,296 US tons, Uganda with 314,489 US tons, Mexico with 257,940 US tons, and Guatemala with 224,871 US tons of coffee per year.

Everybody Loves Coffee

There’s something about coffee that everybody loves. The aroma, even though not everyone drinks coffee, is something that everyone wouldn’t fall for. The soothing taste of bitter black coffee or however you prefer to devour it is something that is needed to jumpstart your day and to keep you going. The conversations shared with friends or people dear to you with a cup in hand is something that is worth your while. Everybody needs that coffee fix.

Coffee has always been a favorite go to beverage of many people – people on the rush, people who needs some pump of adrenaline, people who wants to relax and people who just wants coffee as it is. For many people especially for students and office workers, coffee has been the favorite caffeine fix and the push to keep them awake and functioning as it improves the energy level, mood and brain function.

Aside from its addictive flavor, adrenaline supply and good mood that this caffeinated beverage provides, there are also many other hidden benefits that it gives. Coffee has a lot of health benefits as it is loaded with antioxidants and beneficial nutrients that improve health. According to studies, coffee drinkers have lower risks of several detrimental diseases.

Coffee brings people together. As others say it, “a cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent”. People who loves coffee enjoy conversations over cups of coffee as a way of bonding with people. Many pleasant memories are also associated over bonds with coffee.

Another good thing about coffee is that you can have it in any kind, at any time of the day you need it and anywhere you want it. Not just in mornings but at any time of the day. No fancy coffee shop required. You can have it at home and have it simply prepared as you want.

One thing to keep in mind is how you dispose of your coffee grounds.  Some people like to use them as compost – which is great for the environment and can really help your garden.  You definitely do not want to put them down your garbage disposal.  Even the best garbage disposals such as the InSinkErator Evolution Excel can get clogged and ruined from coffee grinds.  Either disposal of the used beans in the trash or compost pile.

It comes in different varieties too from dark roast to light roast, espresso and other range of flavors that goes from light to intense and is good with any food you match it with. Nowadays, coffee is not only enjoyed as a beverage but as well as incorporated to many foods such as in cakes, pastries and even other beverages as flavor. Coffee plays an important part of many people’s lives in one way or another. For some, it is one of the little pleasures that one do not want to live without.