Weekends are all about the cafe stops… by thelittleanorakgirl

So bristol is all about the food and the drinks, and the cafe stops are no exception. Today the anorakgirl went back to a new place she had tried out in the week by St. Nicholas’ market: a new vintage space with boutique: Yesterday’s Clothing, cafe in Today’s Coffee and music venue space in Tomorrow’s music. So finally we have an alternative, independent cafe stop for when you’re in that middle part of the old town where you’re only options before had been chain franchises. Where is it? What is it called? Well this perfect space of chesterfield leather sofas and wing back chairs (perfect for reading), old lady’s chintz lampshades, reworked kitsch rural scenes and darling mismatched afternoon tea china is: THE BIRDCAGE (28 Clare St.) And the best part about it, even if that wasnt enough already, is  the cupcakes. now i know its all about the cupcakes lately but these really do deliver behind the cute looks and quirky names, once you actually get passed the pretty icing, the cake part is amazing and actually tastes of something beyond bland cake. so far gone with the cookies n’cream and blueberry haven…. And to top everything off I adore the illustrations by Alex Lucas…make time for another cafe stop.

By thelittleanorakgirl, 22nd September 2012

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